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Thank you for visiting our site. In case you have not noticed yet, we stoppped updating our site years ago. Since then freeservers has "acquired" our site. This upsets me. If you would like to maintain this project, send an application to skopii411@aol.com.
As we do not maintain this site, the list bot is also "maintained" by freeservers. You can probably gues what that means.

Welcome To The Site
Welcome. We're John and Myke This would be our Final Fantasy VIII page. For those of you that don't know, FF8 is the newest game in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy series. It's for the PlayStation, and features some of the most stunning, and amazing graphics possible on the system, great gameplay, an engrossing story, and characters that you get really attached to. If you don't have it now, go buy it. You can thank us later.
This site was designed for Netscape 4.x, if your not using it...get it.

Visit the above now! I know this is an FF8 site but the MPAA is putting the First Ammendment at stake!

Once again we have been plagurized. I really hate the way this works. Would you visitors mind just kinda bitching at this ripoff site for us? thanks Link Here
Even better - Send Him Mail

Updates and News

Myke: I created four new polls and a spiffy new voting page! Whee! Crazy voting! Visit it right here at the Voting Booth. John will fix that quiz sometime soon. I also added a swell mailing list thing, join so you can know when we update the site and such things. Oh yes, and the old poll's results are posted at the poll results page in the Misc. section of the frame. Now go vote! More updates to come!
Myke & John: We put up a quiz that we wrote together (Myke did the infor, John did the scripting). IT IS CURRENTLY BEING FIXED.
Myke: Well, FFVIII for the PC is out today.Swell. I'd just like to ask if anyone out there has any suggestions for more site stuff. We've already got a magic guide and card guide planned, and we need some ideas.
Contact Us
You can talk to Me (Myke) on AOL Instant Messanger, my screen name is MykeEatsSouls, and my ICQ is 61190589. John can be reached on AOL at Skopii411. No ICQ for him. Feel free to talk to us, we like strange people we don't know!


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