1. What is a GF?
GFs are monsters that join your party (or team), and help defend you by taking your damage, or by doing powerful attacks.
2. What is HP?
HP is your energy (life) in all RPG games. If you have 30 HP then you can take attacks that do up to 29 damage points. If the damage exceeds your HP you are in a KO status and must revive with a phoenix down
3. What is a Phoenix Down?
A phoenix down is a medicine that a party member uses on you to get rid of a KO. If brings you back to life but with a minimal amount of HP.
4. What is an RPG?
RPG stands for Role Playing Game, a fantasy type game where you assume the role of a main character, and often go on a journey to save the world, or a kingdom or something (usually like that).
5. How does the level system work?
Well there are two levels types EP and AP. EP physically increase your statistics and HP. AP increases GFs levels and teaches them abilities. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME IN ALL GAMES) AP and EP are different types of experience points obtained by fighting battles and winning them.
6. What are SeeD levels?
The SeeD levels are SeeD rankings, basically all they determine is how much you get paid. To keep these rankings from going down you must fight a lot monsters, and not run from any battles.
7. What is SeeD?
SeeD is a group of special military officers for hire, mercenaries. They are the elite of the elite.
8. What is a garden?
A garden is a place for SeeD trainees to learn fighting techniques, and history about war, etc.
9. What is CG? CGI? Are they the same thing?
CG means Computer generated, CGI means computer generated images. They are basically the same thing. CG scenes are important movies that are a part of the game.

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